Our past that built our present



Virani Iron Pvt. Ltd., an organisation dedicated to Recycling and Refurbishing of Ferrous and non Ferrous scrap metals. We have started our voyage in 1975. Since the inception of the organisation, we have engaged ourselves in trading and recycling of scrap metals. Our aspiration has been fuelled and our focus has been sharpened by our mentor – Mr. Najmuddin B. Virani.

Skill sets and acute market understanding of our frontrunner Mr. Shamshuddin N. Virani have helped Virani Iron Pvt. Ltd. to achieve a pivotal position in the market. Mr. Azim N. Virani is focussed at driving the team to brilliance.

Virani Iron Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in the eclectic town of Pune, Maharashtra,India. Its unremitting progression and evolution has made it one of the significant Importers of metal scraps and high-speed steel scrap worldwide. VIRANI IRON PVT LTD


Our vision is to make Virani Iron Pvt Ltd a pioneer in recycling metal scrap and thus make the environment greener.